Bleed Valves

Each radiator has a bleed valve at one of its top corners, identifiable by a square bit in the middle of the round plug. They’re turned by specific keys which are easy enough to buy at any DIY shop if you can’t find them.

Chubby Churchill Radiators

Chubby Churchill Radiators are a design classic and would suit any period home. They are usually very compact and are under half the height of traditional radiators. We recommend these radiators for under window frames throughout the house.

Church Radiators

The perfect radiator for those awkward spaces that require high heat output without height. The Church is perfect for low bay windows, conservatories and loft conversions.  When looking to purchase a Church Radiator we recommend that you ensure that they h

Gaskets & Sealants

Radiator gaskets are designed to reduce the air loss between the radiator and the fans. Sealants also prevent air and water leakage.

Joining Nipples

Radiators that are joined with push nipples have rods running through them to hold them together. Radiators with reverse threaded nipples have a unique threaded nipple that is threaded normal on one side and reverse threaded on the other side.  The sections are added one by one, with a tool that fits on the inside of the threaded nipple and turns it in until it is tight.

Princess & Duchess Radiators

These reclaimed radiators are a little more common and are generally split into the following: Chubby Churchill Radiators, 2 Column Princess Radiators, 3 Column Princess Radiators and Duchess Radiators. These vintage radiators are widely available so it is essential that you look for ones in pristine condition to get maximum value.

Reducing Bushes & Plugs

A pipe fitting with male and female radiator threads that extends a run by joining two pipes of different diameter.

School Radiators

These are traditional victorian radiators that used to be common place in schools and hospitals. They make a great addition to any period house. These radiators are very good for large open spaces such as living rooms, kitchens or hallways.