Are cast iron radiators as energy efficient as modern radiators?

Yes. They operate on the same principle as modern radiators. The only difference is that cast iron radiators have a larger internal volume so it takes a few more minutes to warm up. This also means that they stay warm well after the boiler has been turned off.

How large a radiator do I need?

The size of the vintage radiator depends on the size of the room it is intended to heat and how well insulated the space is. It is advisable to get professional advise.

How often do reclaimed radiators need bleeding?

Victorian radiators should not need bleeding more frequently than modern radiators. If your radiators feel cooler at the top than at the bottom it is likely that air has entered the system and your radiators need bleeding.

How do I restore a vintage radiator?

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the old paint by sand blasting. After this is complete then attach the radiator to the central heating system. This will expose any connectors that are compatible. It is likely that all bushes and plugs will need to be replaced. In addition, you should check the blanking plug and bleed brush

Once this is done then check all four ends are sealed and that the bleed valve is working, connect the vintage radiator as would a modern one and it should be good to heat your house.